COVID-19 continues to hang over our heads. So many of our MSTA events have been cancelled this year, I feel it is especially important to have FlyBy Week if at all possible so our members can salvage at least part of the riding season. Marietta, Ohio, has been an ideal location for us for many years, and fortunately is one of the least affected cities on Ohio. That said, we need to make attending FlyBy Week as safe as possible, and not only for our attendees.

As guests in Marietta, we have an obligation
NOT to bring COVID-19 with us. If you attend FlyBy Week, you need to practice social distancing, hand washing, etc. for a couple of weeks BEFORE you leave for Marietta. If you think that is an unreasonable request, please DO NOT ATTEND.

When it's time to leave for Marietta, if you don't feel quite right and especially if you have an elevated temperature, cancel your registration and hotel reservation and
STAY HOME. I will refund your registration fees on request, and the hotel has a very reasonable cancellation policy.

Let's all agree to avoid bringing COVID-19 to Marietta- we owe it to local residents as well as our fellow MSTA members.

With all these cautions and admonishments, are we going to have any fun at FlyBy Week this year? Obviously some activities must be modified and others eliminated in order to have our event. Let me run down the list and give you an idea of what to expect. Then you can decide for yourself.

Riding activities for FlyBy Week, especially in the smaller groups typical of the MSTA sport touring style, are unaffected. This will be the best year ever for FlyBy Week routes- we have 25 to choose from, including five Adventure routes in both Ohio and West Virginia. All routes now include gas stops every 75-100 miles, and a good lunch stop about mid way. They are easier to use and more reliable than ever before.

Social distancing represents our greatest challenge. Fortunately, our trademark "Outdoor Lounge" with lots of chairs and flexible outdoor seating will enable attendees to socialize while maintaining social distancing. All attendees will be required to bring masks, and we plan to have plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes available. Attendees will be required to follow distancing rules in effect for Ohio at the time of the rally.

Dining Friday and Saturday evening- Due to Ohio and CDC guidelines, we will NOT be able to have the traditional Friday burger burn or the group buffet on Saturday night. A food truck will be available onsite and we will provide beverages and packaged snacks. There are take-out and delivery services available. For example, Wings Etc, a grill & pub down the street from the hotel, has a huge menu. Order by phone or online and they deliver to the hotel for $3 per order.

Breakfast at the Hotel- The Baymont Inn cannot currently offer its usual breakfast buffet, but they will provide packaged breakfast sandwiches, containers of milk, orange juice and coffee. Each room has a microwave and a fridge, so those who want more can buy and prepare in their room.

Hotel Bar- The Pioneer Tavern is currently open.

The Monday-Thursday "Dinner Tours" are cancelled for this year- we will not be able to provide a bus or van to transport groups downtown for dinner. Most of the nice restaurants in town are currently open, and attendees can still arrange their own transportation or make informal group arrangements for whatever they are comfortable with.

Event Registration- To minimize risk, we strongly encourage online registration. For check-in and those who must register in person at the event, the room we use is quite large and since registration is spread through the whole week, there are never more than a few people in the room at the same time.

FlyBy Week is less than two weeks away. Public health conditions are constantly changing, and we may have to limit the number of registrations at some point. If you want to attend it might be a good idea to register sooner than later. Earlier registration helps us with preparation too.

Hope to see you at FlyBy Week!

Norm Kern
Event Coordinator