For 2018 FlyBy Week there are 17 routes to choose from. Each is available as a printable PDF file that includes a map and turn-by-turn route instructions, plus an individual Garmin GPX format file. Each route is broken into at least two parts to avoid navigation confusion with closed loops and roads that would otherwise cross or the same road ridden in both directions.

Part 1 takes you from the hotel to the suggested lunch stop. Part 2 takes you from lunch back to the hotel, usually by a different path.

All routes have had gas stop waypoints added at distances of 80-100 miles apart. All routes have lunch stop waypoints, usually at the end of Part 1.

Route Types-

To make it easier to choose from the many routes available, each has been given one of the four following Route Types: Destination, Curvy, Twisty and Adventure

DESTINATION routes include parks such as Holly River state park in WV, New River Bridge and gorge etc.

CURVY routes are easier for big touring bikes

TWISTY routes have sharp curves, elevation changes and are best for sport-touring and sport bikes.

ADVENTURE routes utilize mostly dirt and gravel roads. This year's single route does not contain any single-track, steep or extremely rough roads- most have been graded this season and are suitable for all dual-sport and adventure bikes regardless of size or tire selection.

Navigation Difficulty-

There three ratings for Navigation Difficulty: Simple, Average and Technical

· SIMPLE routes follow main roads and have a smaller number of instructions

AVERAGE routes can have a lengthy list of instructions, but roads are generally well marked and easy to follow

TECHNICAL routes can be complex and include roads that are poorly marked. Paper turn-by-turn instructions are provided for them, but a GPS with the route loaded in it is highly recommended.