It's no fun to come to an event and wind up riding by yourself.
What if you could easily find and connect with other riders who have similar interests, such as pace, types of roads,etc?

For 2022 we have implemented a system to do exactly that!
Simply go to Registration and pick up a
"Find People to Ride With" form.
Here's how it works:
1. Circle your riding choices on the form- It takes less than a minute. Add whatever contact information you wish at the bottom. Leave your form on the stack of completed forms for others to view. View/Download the Form HERE

2. Browse other riders' forms
and use your phone to take pictures of the ones you want to connect with for easy reference.

3. Connect- Don't wait for someone to contact you, connect!- Call, text or email others you're interested in riding with.

4. Network- You will have ample opportunity to meet and get acquainted with others at the nightly Dinner Tours and Outdoor Lounge. If you are new or looking for people to ride with, please introduce yourself to other attendees and tell them what you're looking for.
Contact any event Ambassador or registration worker for additional assistance. You can spot us easily-
just look for the red Ambassador
ribbon below our name tags.