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If you're seeing this message when attempting to download a route GPX, PDF or ZIP file, it's because they haven't been posted yet.
All route files will be available on August 11, 2023 and will be removed on about September 6, 2023.
If you encounter this error in a manner other than downloading or the problem just affects one file, please report by emailing Norm Kern HERE 

FlyBy Week Volunteers
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  • Chris Shoop
  • Ron Vess
  • John Smith
  • Brian Holmes
  • Jeremy Riffle
  • Scott Lane
  • Jeff Dolence
  • Jennie Kimes
  • Lou Laguna
  • Jerry Patten
  • Allan Skinner 

FlyBy Week is MSTA's largest regional sport touring rally, over 20 years running at Marietta, Ohio

Event Coordinator
Norm Kern

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