August 10- Route files are online and ready for download. Go to the EZ Route Selector HERE

Choose the Complete Route Guide, Destination, Touring Bike-Friendly, Easy Navigation, Twisty & Technical or Adventure categories and see the routes you are interested in at a glance.

Each page lists all routes in the category with details including route type, navigation difficulty, distance, lunch stop, direction from Marietta, comments, date of latest version and link to a full page map. There are also links for the PDF printable maps and turn-by-turn instructions and Garmin GPS route and track files in GPX format.

FlyBy Week T-Shirt deadline has passed. No more T-Shirt orders can be accepted, but you can still Click HERE to get a good look at them!

For those who don't pre-register and just show up at the rally, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. I hope to have a couple of GPS "data wrangler" volunteers on hand to load routes onto GPS units, but if you want to use your GPS at FlyBy Week, you would be wise to choose the ones you are interested in and load them before you come to the rally. If you have a netbook or notebook computer, be sure to bring it with you and download the latest updates at the rally. While you're at it, you could also VOLUNTEER to help!

2. If you are a paper map and turn-by-turn printed route person, there will
NOT be stacks of pre-printed routes available at sign-up. Each route is 4-8 pages, and including variants there are about 20 routes. There is no way we can have copies on hand, so IF YOU WANT TO USE PAPER ROUTES, PRINT THEM AT HOME BEFORE YOU COME TO THE RALLY!

3. While you are online getting route info and files, why not GO AHEAD AND REGISTER ONLINE? That way our volunteers won't have to work so hard at event signup. THANK YOU for your cooperation!

We have over 60 members pre-registered already. The hotel is filling up fast so you need to

There is great interest in the Monday-Thursday Dinner Tours, so the Marietta Trolley will be very busy taking groups of diners to the restaurants of their choice. Early in the week with a smaller group, we'll probably all go to a single restaurant each evening, but on we already have 40 people interested in the Thursday dinner tour. Looks like we'll be filling up multiple restaurants in town!
What could be better than riding the twisty roads of SE Ohio and Northern West Virginia?

Answer: Riding them and getting a
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