Don't Want to Ride Routes in the Rain?

Now there's an app for your phone that shows you the weather along your route. The slider at the bottom of the screen adjusts the start time so you can see instantly on the map what the weather will be when you arrive at different places along the route. Try routes that go in different directions to find the best choice for a particular day. 

Drive Weather is available as a free download- just go to the Google Play Store  or Apple's App Store and install it on your phone. Enjoy!
Drive Weather Website

FlyBy Week Volunteers
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  • Chris Shoop
  • Ron Vess
  • John Smith
  • Brian Holmes
  • Jeremy Riffle
  • Scott Lane
  • Jeff Dolence
  • Jennie Kimes
  • Lou Laguna
  • Jerry Patten
  • Allan Skinner 

FlyBy Week is MSTA's largest regional sport touring rally, over 20 years running at Marietta, Ohio

Event Coordinator
Norm Kern

MSTA- Motorcycle Sport Touring Association
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