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Note: To download GPX & ZIP files, right-click or control-click the links. Otherwise you may get a 404 error.

Note: As of 04/01/2024, all routes have been calculated to work with
Garmin City Navigator North America NT Version 2025.1 mapset

For FlyBy Week 2024 there are 36 routes to choose from. Most are available as a printable PDF file that includes a map and turn-by-turn route instructions, and all are available as individual Garmin GPX format files.
Most routes are split into two or more parts to avoid confusion of closed loops and roads that would otherwise cross or the same road ridden in both directions.
Pt 1 of each route takes you from the hotel to the suggested lunch stop.
Pt 2 takes you from lunch back to the hotel, usually by a different path.
All routes except Short routes have gas stop waypoints at distances of 60-100 miles. 

Last minute Updates will be posted as needed during FlyBy Week.
Check daily for the latest update info on the Home page

SIMPLE routes for non-GPS utilize easily identified roads and have fewer turn instructions than other routes.
AVERAGE routes can have a lengthy list of instructions, but roads are generally well marked and easy to follow
COMPLEX routes may include roads that are poorly marked and have many turn instructions. PDF turn-by-turn instructions are provided for most of them, but a GPS with the route loaded in it is highly recommended.
OFF-ROAD routes often use dirt roads and trails that are not routeable on a GPS, therefore you must use the provided tracks for navigation. (Most of our Adventure routes are tracks only) 

Each GPX file contains TWO route versions-
1. STANDARD version with Way and Via points for Garmin zumo 660, 450, 550 and earlier models, some other GPS brands.
2. TRIP PLANNER version, designated by the "TP" suffix at the end of the route name. This version uses mostly shaping points for compatibility with Garmin zumo XT, XT2, 390 and 590 series, as well as BMW Nav5 and Nav6. Be sure to use the TP version if you have one of these models or any Garmin GPS that uses the Trip Planner App to access routes. TP versions usually work best with TomTOM and phone apps as well.

Below you will find descriptions of the route categories offered for FlyBy Week. Click on a category name and you will be taken to the list of routes for that category.
Click on the MAP link of each route to view an interactive map
Click on the GPX and PDF links to download individual routes in either format
Be sure to download and read the GPS User Guide to correctly set your GPS to use these routes
Remember- These routes are for MSTA FlyBy Week attendees only- please do not share them with others  

Select a Category to Find the Best Routes

Scott Lane's Quick Reference:
    Route Grid     Road Route Descriptions     ADV Route Descriptions 

New route info
ALL ROAD ROUTES This large collection includes a ZIP file link with all the road routes in a single file. Choose either GPX or PDF version.
TWISTY ROUTES feature sharp curves and elevation changes with mostly smooth clean pavement, and are preferred by riders of sport and sport touring bikes
TECHNICAL ROUTES, like Twisty routes, have sharp curves and elevation changes, but also include county roads that may contain potholes, patches, gravel on pavement, slips, etc, that may require a slower pace. They are perfect for riders of ADV style bikes, as they take you on the little back roads with the most interesting terrain and scenery.
We have added the phrase "Tech" in the names of individual route segments for some routes that have both regular and "Tech" versions contained in them.
DESTINATION ROUTES include parks and points of interest such as West Virginia's Holly River state park, Hillbilly Hotdogs, New River Bridge and gorge, Ohio's Big Muskie Shovel etc.
SHORT ROUTES- 50-120 MILES in length, are mostly based on longer routes, but shortened to be able to be ridden in 3 hours or less. They do not have lunch stops and are provided in a one part format.
TOURING BIKE-FRIENDLY ROUTES are easier for big touring bikes.
EZ NAVIGATION ROUTES FOR NON-GPS utilize easily identified roads and are designed to be followed using a simple map and fewer instructions to make navigation simple.
ADVENTURE ROUTES utilize mostly dirt and gravel roads. Routes with "EZ" in the name do not contain any single-track, steep climbs, big rocks or gullies. They are suitable for all dual-sport and adventure bikes regardless of size or tire selection. "Int" routes may include steeper up-hill and down-hill gravel grades, deeper/looser gravel and small stream crossings. "Exp" routes are more challenging and may include "hero" sections.
Read descriptions carefully!

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FlyBy Week is MSTA's largest regional sport touring rally, over 20 years running at Marietta, Ohio

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